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From Sophia Green

The need for Humanity to address the Climate Crisis is an urgency that cannot wait.  The pain facing Humanity and all of Life through this Climate Crisis, Biosphere Crisis, and the related pandemic, is one which we must take extraordinary proactive measures to address and mitigate.  Our abandonment of natural spaces ameliorates our sense of crowding in the world, but it also disconnects us from other creatures, and the living, breathing Earth systems that bring us life. 


We must not abandon real spaces to favor our limited mental worlds, for in doing so, we further deprive our thought-worlds of oxygen, while callously falling deaf to the needs of human-beings who live in economic, environmental and political devastation, and remaining deaf to the cries of Nature, to our own destruction.  If we work together, we can turn this doomed trajectory around.  As the first song in this collection advises, "Let not our cares be borne alone." 


The pandemic has taught us that one person can quickly become millions.  Why then, cannot caring, commitment, and inspiration take hold of us as well?  We who love Creation and Earth already number in the thousands, and can easily become millions to address the Climate Crisis and save much of life on Earth, and possibly ourselves.  Failures along the way must not discourage us.  It is the effort that will save our souls.

Singing is a way for us Humans to reconnect with a sense of embodiment, with our souls, and with one another.  We must feel our embodiment in order to remember that we are part of Nature and Earth, the embodied world.  These Carols for the Earth mean to make this connection. They are my contribution to a growing awareness that must galvanize into a great change in our spiritual, moral, and cultural lives, to see humans, and also all of Life, through this Climate Crisis, in gratitude for our lives.

I hope you are moved to find spiritual meaning, courage, joy and inspiration in these carols.  Please share them and their message with all you know who wish to again feel part of Life and Creation.


Sophia Green


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