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We Three Fates

Lyricist - Sophia Green

Sheet music here, including composer and history of this carol.

We Three Fates
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Fred Goff Sings


We Three Fates through Time have our birth.
One in God, but Three here on Earth.
Past and Present, Future yet to be,
born of Eternity!

Chorus after Verse I:
O – O!
Time is precious, Time is late,
Time gives sight to view our Fate!
Past receding, Present being,
Future to come Earth's Fate shall make!


Past shows Man a comforting room.
Warm, secure, yet closed as the tomb
Forests felled, with coal power held,
through oil Past drives our doom!


Present tells Man to live for Today.
Sunny forever or ever Dismay.
Minimize Action, pursue Distraction,
Present sees not our Way!


Future bears a frightening Fate.
Man looks away, but Future won't wait.
Earth is turning, flood snow and burning,
Future makes our hearts quake!


Vision show a new Fate to see!
Time work as One, for binding all Three!
Past to build on, Present move on,
Future yet ours may be!

Chorus after Verse V:
O – O!
Time is precious, Time we'll make,
with it we'll work to shape our Fate,
Past revealing, Present healing,
Future of Earth in hope take shape!

Copyright 2021 CPDL, Choral Public Domain License,

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