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Carols for the Earth as a collection, as well as each carol or song therein ("The Work and its Components"), is copyrighted under a Choral Public Domain License (CPDL). 


For The Work and its Components, the CPDL grants any individual or group the right to sing, play, perform, record, copy, distribute, and sell live and recorded performances of any or all of the carols, provided proper attribution is given to the collection's editor, Sophia Green, and that for each carol used, proper attribution is given to the author(s) Sophia Green or Jennifer Goheen, the composer(s) and arranger(s), and reference is made to the applicable CPDL license(s).


The CPDL license applies to The Work and its Components (carols or songs) as a whole. 

The CPDL license also applies to each Component, or carol or song, separately.


Each carol or song itself owes its identity to up to three different parties:  Author/Lyricist/Translator, Composer, and Arranger.  In all cases, the inspiration for each of the carols in Carols for the Earth is an old carol or song whose lyrics, melody, and particular arrangement (with the exception of those by Marshall Green), have long been in the Public Domain.  Marshall Green's 2020 arrangements for "Hand in Hand" and "The Crossroads" have intentionally been provided for public enjoyment through the CPDL license.  All carols presented in Carols for the Earth are new and unique, as defined by their original titles and lyrics, and as such are licensed through CPDL as new works in whole (lyrics, melody, arrangements), as well as in parts (lyrics and some arrangements).

What this means:  No party may take the name of this collection, Carols for the Earth, or any carol published therein in whole or in part, and claim exclusive rights to it or them.  This Work and its Components, a.k.a. Carols for the Earth and all of its carols or songs, are meant to be shared and enjoyed by all.  Singers and musicians, as stated above, may charge for performances and recordings if they wish.



Derivative works of any carol or song included in Carols for the Earth , i.e. works making use of the lyrics of any carol or song in this collection in a recognizable way, or any works making use of any arrangement in this collection by Marshall Green, must also be licensed under the same copyright, performance and use terms as their sources (i.e., Carols for the Earth as a whole, and each applicable carol or song therein) in accordance with the terms of the Choral Public Domain License (CPDL) organization.

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