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The Crossroads

Lyricist - Sophia Green

Thank you to Morgan Moné for this powerful performance.  Morgan sings professionally in opera and musical theater, as well as other genres in and around Nashville, Tennessee.  When she's not performing, she can be found teaching and collaborating on independent projects.  For more on Morgan's music, see her professional website  here.

Sheet music here, including composer and history of this carol.

Sheet music here, including composer and history of this carol.


Swift falls the light, below the far horizon,
and so the sun leaves the world and the year.
Long looms the night, with fear and worry rising
'til we appear bound by love to take part!
The spark of hope our hearts do keep and carry
for all of life on Earth we love so dearly!

Kneel, touch the ground!  
Look 'round, we're at the Crossroads!
The choice we must make,
for the righteous road to take!
All Earth's life awaits,
all Earth's life awaits!


Long have we sinned, the grace of God presuming
the gift of Life through Earth's Good as our due.
Prideful and cruel, Earth o'er we were abusing
'til she cried out for Life's hope to renew!
God's harmony of earth and air and water,
Earth's climate forms for Life and all its wonder!

Kneel, touch the Earth!  
Rebirth comes at the Crossroads!
The right road we'll make,
for all Life, and common fate!
God's love we'll not forsake,
God's love we'll not forsake!


Humble we be, our hearts and spirits thankful
to God for Life and our Earth loved anew!
Bravely we learn ourselves to be more truthful,
and learn to labor with effort long due.
For Earth we work to sow such Good as needed
and only take small part of  what we seeded!

Rise with the Sun!
Light shines upon the Crossroads!
A new day has dawned;
hope renewed awakens strong!
Now brave, this road we take on,
now brave, this road we take on!

Copyright 2021 CPDL, Choral Public Domain License,

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