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The Apple

Lyricist - Sophia Green

Thank you to Shira Kammen for this tapestry-rich performance, with vocals, violin, vielle and viola sung and bowed entirely by herself! A generous talent, Shira is a shining star in the worlds of early and traditional music. She has performed for many years in early music groups such as Ensemble Alcatraz, Project Ars Nova, and the Boston Camerata. She also loves and performs folk music from around the globe, teaches early music internationally, and records for movie, television and gaming soundtracks. More about Shira, her talkative violin, and her music can be found at

The AppleShira Kammen
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Sheet music here, including composer and history of this carol.


The apple red I bear in hand,
Winter fruit of snowy land;
and I pray you good people nourished be
for strength, love and posterity!

Fructus pomum defero.
Reddens laudes domino!


The apple tree understood aright,
is Autumn's grace to Hunger's bite;
and I pray you good people grateful be
for God's grace through Earth's Good for thee!



Sweet apple trees give gen'rous yield

to creatures all who glean the field;

and I pray that of Good you give and sow,

that apples more and love may grow!


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