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God Save You, Merry Gentlefolk

Lyricist - Sophia Green

Thank you to Michael Black for this poignant performance.  More about Michael and his music can be found at, the music site for the band he is in with brother Shay Black.  Both are favorites in California's San Francisco Bay Area, nationally, internationally, and of course in their native Ireland.

Sheet music here, including composer and history of this carol.

Sheet music here, including composer and history of this carol.


God save you, merry Gentlefolk
from worry and dismay,
for God our good Creator

has made you for this day,
to stand up for all life on Earth
though we had gone astray!

O tidings of comfort and hope,
comfort and hope,
o tidings of comfort and hope!


As sure as we are living 

we're meant to do our part, 

as stewards of all Creation 

with mind and hand and heart; 

for God gave us such mighty pow'r

that Earth's course we do chart! 




The creatures of our forests green,

of fields and mountains tall,

and creatures of the deepest sea,

of lakes and rivers call

upon our courage righteous set

for to redeem us all!




Give not an ear to wicked word

from those in Evil's sway,

who take your faith in God's own Good

and say you've lost your way,

that they may speed the end of days

for falsely God they play!





Let's stand together tall and strong

and make our voices heard!

Now confident of right and wrong

we pledge to keep our word;

our stewardship of God's precious Earth

to honor and to serve!


Final Chorus

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