"And it was written..."


This Yuletide, be part of the

Transformation of the Holidays.

A meaningful Yuletide can transform Humanity, and Earth.

Carols for the Earth, an Illustrated Songbook, will feature:

Beautiful illustrations

​ In the style of beautiful classic advent calendars, featuring children, animals, and nature
​ Children of many cultures and colors, and creatures and habitats from all over the world
Images of Yuletide peace, magic, and harmony, expressed through depictions of togetherness and song
Glitter that is environmentally safe and plastic-free

Beautiful song notation

​ In the style of old-fashioned song-sheets, with titles in beautiful renaissance style fonts.
Full four-part, SATB harmonies
Arrangements from the public domain, licensed for enjoyment and performance by all

Sacred sensibility

Traditional wording, written in the spirit of beloved old carols
Poetic lyricization, evoking a deeply sensed connection with all that is sacred
Honoring All Life, including Humanity, all creatures, all growing plants, and Earth's full biosphere
Honoring God, the Creator

Your donation will make publication a reality.

Gift of Spirit, $5-$24

Your name, or chosen "Internet Name", published with gratitude on this website for recognition
A receipt for your tax-deductible donation
Gift of Faith, $25-$49
In addition to the above, a ribbon-bound song-book, with notation and lyric sheets, on parchment, mailed to your address.
Gift of Change, $50-$149
In addition to the above, a published copy of the illustrated song-book, once the fund-raising goal has been completed.
Gift of Transformation, $150 and up
A published copy of the illustrated song-book, once the fund-raising goal has been completed.
Reinvestment of the remainder of your donation, to promote these carols to climate change activist groups, social influencers, musicians and artists, and church groups throughout the United States, and also internationally.